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  • Advance 5 tiers to earn a seat at the Final Table that is funded by Cash Games lobby revenue!
  • Players must finish in the top 3 of their table of 9 to advance to the next tier.
  • Final Table pays all 9 players. Once you have advanced 5 tiers, click on the Leaderboard Final Table button to secure your spot.

Leaderboard Format:

Classic Spoker Rewind

Classic Spoker is All About the Percentages.
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Rules x

  1. Game Entry Fees - Leaderboard tournaments do NOT require an entry fee. They are contested in the TOURNAMENTS LOBBY, but the only way to qualify for them is in the CASH GAMES LOBBY.
  2. Leaderboard Entry - The only way into a Leaderboard Tournament is to do well in contests found in the Cash Games Lobby—specifically, Classic Spoker, Greed, Draw Spoker, Hold ‘Em and Omaha contests.
  3. Prize Pool Breakdown - The breakdown for all contestants at the final table is as follows:
PlacePrize Pool
1st 30%
2nd 20%
3rd 15%
4th 10%
5th 7%
6th 6%
7th 5%
8th 4%
9th 3%
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  1. Format - Leaderboard Tournaments consist of 3 hands of Classic Spoker Rewind with rotating Game Sports.
  2. Game Type - The Game Type for all Leaderboard Tournaments is Classic Spoker. The rules for Classic Spoker can be found in the Cash Games lobby.
  3. Game Sport - Leaderboard Tournaments change sport between rounds. The order is Football, then Basketball, then Baseball.
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  1. Double Edged Sword - Contestants must be very careful and not bid too low because a winning bid counts a second way for the game. It not only guarantees someone the team they desire, but also HOW MUCH their team is worth. The way it works is the winning bid determines the PERCENTAGE of fantasy points the contestant keeps from their team's score in the match. For example, if someone secures their team with a bid of 17%, this means ALL of their athletes are worth EXACTLY 17% of their fantasy point per game average for the game.
  2. Bidding Range Shrinks - Bidding Range Shrinks-For the first six rounds, the maximum bid allowed DECREASES by 5% for each new round. For example, the bidding range for Round 1 is 1% to 100% and for Round 2 it is 1% to 95%. Following this process, by the 6th round, it is 1% to 75%. For the 7th and 8th rounds, the bidding range is the SAME for both. The maximum bid permitted for each of these rounds is ALWAYS the AVERAGE of the WINNING BIDS for the first six rounds.
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  1. Text Alert - Players receive a text alert when their Leaderboard Tournament table fills. The last player at the table will NOT receive a text alert because it is unnecessary.
  2. Internet Connectivity - Players assume the risk for any internet connectivity issues or complete disconnections. If you are experiencing an Internet connection problem, you will see this picture:
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  1. Athlete/Team PPG Averages for Rewind Games - The PPG averages for all athletes/teams in the deck of cards can be found here:
  2. Athlete/Team Scoring for Live Games - A team is scored by adding the scores of all six athletes together. Each athlete is scored by taking the points they scored in their live action game and then multiplying it by the percentage of points the contestant secured their team with. For example, if a) Tom Brady is your QB and he scored 16 points in this week’s game AND b) you won your team with a 50% bid, THEN c) you will receive 50% of Brady's points for the match--in this case, 50% of 16 is equal to 8.
  3. Winners Immediately Known for Rewind Games - Contestants immediately know how they finished in the match because the scoring system for all four sports is based on fantasy point per game averages and not live action games. This allows IMMEDIATE scoring for the match once all teams have been secured through the bidding process.
  4. Winners Known Later for Live Games - There are two ways contestants can view the scoring of their live game. First, they can watch the fantasy scoring unfold, from the game room, as the live sporting events play out in real time. They can also click on the game in My Games and view the final score once ALL of the live sporting events have concluded.
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  1. Tiebreaker - If a completed match ends in a tie between two or more contestants, the person who secured their team in the LOWER round of bidding always receives the HIGHER position in the overall group standings. For example, Round 5 is a LOWER draft position than Round 2 so the person securing their team in Round 5 would finish ahead of the person who secured theirs in Round 2 in the event they tied.
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Monthly Leaderboard
(Cash Games lobby Contests ONLY)

Place Display Name Points
1 85Niners 8
2 Gorms 8
3 swagner 6
4 Swami 3
5 Youngblood 3
6 Berta 3
7 Bills 3
8 Dugger 3
9 ggomezz 3
10 GSTUD13 2
11 Mark 2
12 Smith5 2

♤ ♣ Leaderboard Basics ♦ ♡

  1. Leaderboards track top performers in the Cash Games Lobby as a SECOND WAY TO GET PAID.
  2. The top finishers of EACH Cash Games contest receive points on the leaderboard. The breakdown is as follows: 1st Place = 3 pts 2nd Place = 2 pts 3rd Place = 1 pt. Hold 'Em and Omaha games only award points for 1st place (3 points).
  3. 1% of all Cash Games entry fees fund monthly Leaderboard Tournaments.
  4. Each month, the top 2,187 point totals on the Leaderboard receive a Leaderboard Ticket for a 6-tier Leaderboard Tournament. Players CANNOT buy a ticket into a Leaderboard Tournament.
  5. Payouts for the NEXT Leaderboard Final Table are always updated in the Leaderboard Lobby. The Final Table for a Leaderboard Tournament BEGINS the moment the 9th player enters the Leaderboard Tier 6 Final Table.